Scholar Editing

Get a detailed and thorough assessment with substantial comments and solutions on how to further improve your manuscript and increase your chances of getting published.

Who needs Scholar Editing?

  • Authors with relatively little experience in submitting to international journals
  • Authors who are not fully confident in the soundness of their paper’s content and structure
  • Authors who need a comprehensive assessment of their paper with feedback for quality improvement that encompasses research structure, logical flow, novelty, and scientific and methodological soundness

Is there a difference between a General Editor and a Scholar Editor?

The editor selection method is selected by matching the field and topic of the thesis with the background of the editor. In this aspect, there is no separate distinction between the General Editor and the Scholar Editor.

However, in the case of Scholar Editing, because it’s a service that provides a thorough and comprehensive assessment, we select the editor based on who can give the most value for the service by curating their research background, experience with related papers, and so on.

What is the difference between Scholar Editing and premium editing services by other companies?

Our partner approach makes us stand out.

We act as your research partner, so we’d like to think that next to you, we care the most about your paper getting published. For this, we conduct an intensive and comprehensive assessment and review each section while ensuring your intentions, tone, and voice are retained. Because we go beyond just the technical side of editing, we go out of our way to provide feedback on overall improvement and include free services that allow you to focus on more important tasks. We prepare all the additional and supplementary documents, write the cover letter, format the file accordingly, and ensure you have everything you need to ensure the highest chance of getting published.

What are the services included in the Scholar Editing Package?

The Scholar Editing Package includes all the services provided by Journal Lab, with each of them giving your paper that much-needed boost in publication likelihood.

From Journal Selection, which lays out the plan for your paper, all the way to Submission, which signifies the last step of the manuscript preparation process, this package is what you need to get your paper published with ease, convenience, and assurance.

Journal Selection → Expert Review → Scholar Editing → Formatting → Submission

We also offer a discount (22%) on translation fees if you eventually avail of the Scholar Editing Package.

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