Journal Selection

Choose a journal that you find value in and that recognizes the value of your research.

How do you select journals?

  • We perform a customized assessment of the most appropriate journals through a process that meets the author’s requirements, such as citation indexing, impact factor, publication frequency, and the journal’s aims and scope.
  • After we finalize a list, we check which one’s more appropriate through our evidence-based recommendations method by assessing the current writing of your paper and then comparing that with the writing of the selected journals as well as their recently published papers related to your manuscript’s subject matter.
  • We provide a Journal Selection Report by ranking a total of three journals along with the analysis results.

What if I am not satisfied with the journals recommended by Journal Lab?

  • We make sure that we meet the requirements you shared with us before we start with the Journal Selection process. Because of this, please be as detailed and as honest as possible when sharing these conditions.
  • We evaluate your comments and check if any revisions are necessary.

How does the Journal Selection process go?

Step 1: Understanding customer preference

We get your requirements to lay out the plan for your paper. These requirements include citation indexes, impact factors, indexing, publication frequency, target readership, and so on. We make sure that we finalize a potential list made up of only the journals that meet your conditions.

Step 2: Objective evidence-based evaluation

We use our evidence-based recommendation method through systematic data analysis after a thorough assessment of your research, your writing, and the journals’ published papers related to your research.

Step 3: Expert feedback on evaluation results

In addition to an objective, evidence-based evaluation, we deliver expert opinions and suggestions on whether the research topic is properly expressed in the manuscript, which is our major focus when finalizing the Journal Selection Report.

Step 4: Summarized report with recommendations

The Journal Selection Report provides a total of three journals, ranked in order of priority. This report contains justifications that explain why each journal is a good fit for your paper while also delineating what needs to be done to your paper, in terms of format, content, references, and so on, should you choose one journal from the list.

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