Service Price
Starts at around USD 15 per 250 words

General Editing

USD 0.06 per word

Scholar Editing

USD 0.09 per word

Journal Selection

USD 400 per project


USD 250 per project

Expert Review

USD 70 per project

Journal Submission

USD 40 per project

Frequently Asked Questions

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Formatting does not include language editing (grammar, spelling, etc.). Rather, the service focuses on ensuring that your manuscript meets your style guide requirements, including reference format and verification, font size, style and effects, paragraph spacing, and indentation. ​ 

Formatting is recommended for files already edited or for files that are to be resubmitted to another journal. Providing Journal Lab editors with your manuscript’s edited final version speeds up the formatting process, especially when your target submission date is right around the corner. In case we see that you are missing any requirements, based on your target journal’s guidelines, we will inform you and create them for you to simply fill out. Should you need English editing, consider Journal Lab’s editing services. 

The publication process, including the amount of time to make the first decision, varies between journals. Some may take 5 weeks, while some may take 12 weeks to reach a decision.

When selecting your target journal, it is necessary to consider the appropriateness of the journal’s aims and scopes to your manuscript’s subject, methods, and focus and the journal’s target audience, access, and distribution to your preferred readership. Also, journal metrics, such as citation metrics, speed/acceptance, and usage, must be noted in consideration of your publication timeline and influence related to the number of times your article was cited. Another factor to consider is indexing or the inclusion of a journal in related databases. Because indexed journals are generally accessible, their publications are cited more often than articles in nonindexed journals; thus, there is greater competition to publish in indexed journals. 

The publishing time varies between journal’s publication processes. Although Journal Lab cannot guarantee that your manuscript is published within a month, we can edit and format your manuscript to boost your chances of acceptance with our various editing and formatting services.

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