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What is Formatting?

Formatting isn’t just changing the format style of the references and citations. It’s having a thorough understanding of your target journal or style (e.g., APA, MLA, ACS, CMS, etc.), knowing how each section should be arranged and organized, ensuring clear visualization of figures and tables, and identifying other restrictions and requirements.

To ensure clear details and remove the repetitive back-and-forth between you and our project manager, we send a Client Information Sheet (CIS) where all information we need for Formatting and Submission can be filled out at one time. The CIS includes your account details (ID and password), details regarding each author, suggested reviewers, funding information, and so on.

How will Submission help me when I could do that myself?

We know how even writing up one email can be detrimental to a researcher’s schedule. Imagine the time you’d need to go over several documents, read pages after pages of journal information, check whether each reference is written accurately, and do the rest of the steps needed to submit your paper. We value your time, and this is precisely why we have this Submission service. We do these processes in a fraction of the time one person would need, while you can rest assured that your paper is in good hands.

Are Formatting and Submission one-time services?

Yes, that’s right. This is because each journal has different formatting and submission guidelines, although they may look very similar. The documents required during submission (e.g., cover letter, highlights page, title page, whether single-blind or double-blind, etc.) can differ too. If you availed of Scholar Editing, free Formatting is only offered for one time as well. For authors who availed of the General Editing or Scholar Editing Package, Formatting is offered up to three times, if necessary.

What happens after translation?

After the translation is completed, an editor carries out full postediting to ensure content is understandable by the target readership with natural sentences and standard English use.

Our clients are normally already satisfied with the full postedit, but the treatment only focuses on linguistic and technical proofreading. Academic editing requires a different set of skills and knowledge, which can be found in our editing services.

To ensure your paper’s fit for an academic readership, you can directly avail of General Editing, Scholar Editing, and other services as needed.

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