Academic Translation

Language should not be a barrier to your intention, your message, and the value of your research.

What is the difference between a Journal Lab translator and a normal translator?

Academic translation requires a completely different treatment in sentence structure and style when compared with general translation services. Translating an academic manuscript should be done with a deep understanding of the research content and familiarity with the scientific writing formula.

Because your paper will be shared with other experts and research enthusiasts, the translator should know the terms and trends related to your research. Each Journal Lab translator understands the nuances of academic language while having enough research background to comprehend the subject matter at hand.

Who are Journal Lab’s translators?

Our linguists are time- and industry-proven with Lexcode—a translation company belonging to the top 0.5% in Korea that has been managing translation projects for more than 20 years with more than 2,000 translators.

Among them, only those who have been verified with at least five years of experience with relevant research background are grouped as “manuscript translators” specializing in Journal Lab services.

What happens after translation?

After the translation is completed, an editor carries out full postediting to ensure content is understandable by the target readership with natural sentences and standard English use.

Our clients are normally already satisfied with the full postedit, but the treatment only focuses on linguistic and technical proofreading. Academic editing requires a different set of skills and knowledge, which can be found in our editing services.

To ensure your paper’s fit for an academic readership, you can directly avail of General Editing, Scholar Editing, and other services as needed.

Fields of expertise:

					Medicine, Humanities, Biology, Pharmaceutical, Psychology, Construction, Technology, Arts, Tourism, Culture, History, Consumer goods, Food, Chemistry, Social studies, Politics, Foreign affairs, Tech, Psychiatry, Imaging, Film, Management, Economics, Marketing

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