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A huge thank you to our dear authors and clients.

Journal Lab’s goal is to help make research more accessible by breaking language barriers.

With the same passion our customers have for contributing their knowledge to society, we at Journal Lab are driven to contribute to our authors’ research by constantly studying ways on how to heighten their chances of getting published with complete convenience and satisfaction.

Our goal is to keep reducing the friction and eliminating bottlenecks our clients face in publishing their research papers in international journals, from submission to publication. Linguistic issues are just one of the hassles that Lexcode has dedicated itself to intercept, eventually leading to the establishment of Journal Lab. Now in 2022, Journal Lab by Lexcode has been able to assist half of our clients in getting their papers published, and this number continues to rise.

Carrying this same drive, Journal Lab is constantly evolving itself, from its website to its customer platform, to make manuscript preparation the easiest part of an author’s journey toward publication. LEX-Cloud Journal Lab is a product of our thorough research and development for authors to intuitively understand the entire process from requesting a quotation and selecting their desired service to downloading their edited paper from the platform, without the need for a single email or phone call.

To our research writers, focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest.


Chul Young Ham
CEO of Journal Lab by Lexcode

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